In the best Bachelor season ever, we FINALLY get to see Deanna and Jason reunite. Why in the world in New Zealand? Obviously for ratings, but still it seems a bit desperate on her part. Also, what a total joykill for Jason and the rest of the girls. Could you imagine? You’re finally moving on with your life and your ex boyfriends shows up on your romantic holiday. I would be MAD AS HELL.

Extra TV Reports:

The brunette beauty tells “Extra” the reason she called off her engagement. “I believe that we all make mistakes in life and we learn from them… it came down to two totally different people. Jason [Mesnick], who has it all together has everything a woman would want. And then there’s Jesse, who kind of was like a wild card.” Pappas admits, “For me, I felt like the wild card was going to work out. Someone to keep me on my toes. Eventually, it wasn’t what I was attracted to anymore.”

Jesse has moved on and he’s currently dating “The Bachelor: London Calling” alum Holly Durst. Csinscak and Durst told “Extra” in January they were introduced by a mutual friend at a club. Pappas reveals, “Jesse and Holly met while we were seeing each other.”

Come on Deanna, quit taking a dig at Jesse. So what if he met Holly while you were together. How many reality stars meet each other at various parties, etc.? Rumor is Deanna is dating a reality star as well, one of the former stars of Real World. One fan called her a “Fame Vampire.” I like that term.

I’m glad the Deanna and Jason episode has arrived so the poor guy can move on. Should be a good drama fest.

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