Jason Mesnick as the Bachelor has been a ratings GOLD MINE for ABC. Bring on the single dads. In a new interview, Naomi who got kicked to the curb last week, is speaking out for the first time. She dishes the dirt on who she thinks will receive the final rose. Also, she gives fans insight on why her mom decided to sabotage her chances at love.

People Mag Reports:

Your hometown date was one for the books.
It was embarrassing, oh my god. My mom is kinda out there. She obviously could not wait to make her television debut. I was apprehensive because I knew my mom had something up her sleeve. But I did not know it was going to be bringing out a dead bird and giving it a eulogy. That was so beyond me.

Has your mom ever acted like that in front of your other boyfriends?
My mom has met one serious boyfriend and that was my longest relationship, and obviously she [has never done] anything that crazy. My mom and I had a strained relationship for a long time. My parents divorced when I was young and my mom gave my dad custody. She was experiencing a mid-life crisis. We spent most of our childhood in New York with him. I spent my sophomore year with my sister, who was always my motherly figure. So she didn’t really have the opportunity to do that.

Jason claimed that your family didn’t have anything to do with you not getting a rose.
As far as letting me go, deep down it didn’t matter what I said, that’s what he felt [about] me not being ready at this time in my life. I think outside of this experience, I am ready. I want kids. I want a family. But because we weren’t meant for each other, it didn’t feel right. My parents are crazy — maybe had something to do with it — but I think ultimately he felt in his heart that I’m not the one for him.

I think Naomi Crespo is beautiful, I also think her family has alot to do with her getting eliminated. In an earlier episode, Jason made fun of one of the girls because of the “vision board” she had created. Come on Jason, even Oprah has a vision board. I guess love wasn’t in the cards for Jason and Naomi. Team Melissa all the way!!!

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