Poor hunky Rob, he is sooooooo lovesick over Kristin Stewart. As we all know, that can be a turn off for girls. We love a little bit of a challenge. Just like guys do. I guess Kristin, the little heartbreaker is no different.

Robert Pattinson remains a single man, but admitted that Kristen Stewart, who is dating Michael Angarano, had a lot to do with his decision to take the part of Edward. The 22 year old British born actor told J-14, “She’s basically the reason I did the film.”

Robert and Kristen toured extensively to promote the film In 2008, so they were together a lot, even after the movie was finished filming. They were together so much, he even said things he couldn’t remember and asked Kristen to marry him at some point. He gushed, “I can’t even remember when this happened, but Kristen is like ‘Yeah, you did.'”

Needless to say, the forgotten marriage proposal didn’t result in a wedding. Sorry Rob, I guess she’s just not into you. I know a few fans who are though. I wonder if they will finally hook up during the filming of New Moon?

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Jacy Nova

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