One of my favorite blogs is Crazy Days and Nights. It’s written by I believe an industry insider and entertainment lawyer. He always has great scoops and blind items. Anyhoo, it looks like he spilled the beans and says Nadya Suleman was paid over $300k for her interviews with NBC. Interesting?

CDAN Reports:

OK, so I did say probably yesterday when I said I was done talking about Nadya Suleman. I just can’t help it. It is like crack. Last night she was on Dateline NBC as a part of what has been reported to be a payment of $300K for all of her interviews on the network. Apparently she was willing to take a reduced amount in order to have Ann Curry be the one to interview her.

In last night’s interview, Ann asked Nadya if Nadya had ever had plastic surgery and Nadya said no. Umm, yeah. Then how did her lips go from being really thin to lips that would make Lisa Rinna jealous. Oh, and that nose. That is not the same nose she had before. This is a new and improved nose that looks remarkably like Angelina Jolie’s nose.

I agree with most bloggers, this story is like a car accident. You can’t help but look and watch. It’s reported her “PR strategy” has backfired and she’s now in hiding because of public backlash. I wish her kids the best and HOPEFULLY the kids will have a happy life. Nadya, is absolutely crazy.

Now that Nadya has $300k, she might want to think about hiring a nanny to help Grandma. Also, NO MORE SURGERY!

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