After watching the Bachelor tonight, I absolutely love Melissa Rycroft. What a sweet girl and so down to earth. My second favorite is probably Jillian, it seems like Jason has the best connection with these two girls.

I felt bad for Melissa when her family wouldn’t meet Jason. Talk about sabotage, her brother could have at least drove an hour to meet him off camera. Hopefully, Jason won’t hold it against her. Just because you meet someones family, there is no guarantee that the relationship will work out. ( Jason’s ex wife is a perfect example. )

I really like the sit down talks between Chris Harrison and Jason Mesnick. The Sleepless in Seattle bachelor, really seems torn between Melissa and Molly. In his hometown date with Melissa, she presented Jason with a gift for Ty that she made. It was a box for his tooth to give to the tooth fairy. Then, poor Melissa had to drop the bomb, her parents weren’t comfortable with meeting him on TV, so he met her best buds. You could see the disappointment on his face, he even said he thought Melissa was too perfect. Well she might be, but her family obviously aren’t. Jason told Chris, he is concerned about pursuing something with Melissa without meeting her family. He says he can fall in love, but he can only go so far before meeting her family.

In next weeks episode, DEANNA flys all the way to New Zealand to give Jason advise. PLEASE!!! That must have been a weird situation for him. Does she actually change his mind? What did she say to him to make him react so emotional? In the clips, you see him crying on the balcony of his hotel. All the girls are great but I hope he still picks Melissa. I’m crossing my fingers for you girl.

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Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.