Mickey Rourke, seems to have the golden touch, and his at the top of his game again. Sunday night, he won a BAFTA award for Best Actor beating out Brad Pitt. Mickey has been on a whirlwind media tour, hitting Paris last week and London for his new film.

In his acceptance speech, he said the following:

Accepting the award, Rourke said: “Darren Aronofsky gave me a second chance after I f**ked up my career for 15 years… “I want to thank my publicist Paula for having the hardest job in showbiz – telling me where to go, what to do, when to do it. What to eat, what to dress, what to f**k. It’s such a pleasure to be here and back out of the darkness.

“Marisa Tomei for putting up with me – she’s a hell of a talent and was very brave for taking her clothes off all the time. I enjoyed looking at her!”

But Rourke showed his softer side by dedicating the win to veteran star Richard Harris, who died in 2002. He adds, “Last but not least… I would like to dedicate this to an actor who is not here anymore that was a great friend of mine. His spirit and his talent live on; the great Richard Harris.”

Way to go Mickey, now all you need is to add Oscar to your shelf.

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Jacy Nova

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