It looks like Robbie Williams hates to be alone. In a new shocking interview, Howard Donald says he and Robbie Williams once had a “group wank.” Wow, is Howard desperate for media attention?

Now Magazine Reports:

Howard Donald says he and Robbie Williams once had a ‘group wank’. The singer, 40, admits they masturbated in a room together when Take That first started out. ‘It were me and Rob… it only happened once,’ he says. Bandmate Mark Owen, 37, watched as Rob, 34, and Howard pleasured themselves. ‘That was an odd one, that,’ he tells Q magazine. ‘I think I was more of an observer.’

It sounds like they definitely were “curious.” Robbie Williams a sexy Aquarius guy, who loves to have fun,  has never been married. In 1995, he left the Take That band to embark on a solo career.

In the past, Williams appears to question his own sexuality in some well-known songs, such as “Old Before I Die“, where he sings: “Am I straight or gay?” In his documentary film Nobody Someday, he said:

“As it happens, I’ve never slept with a man. I’ve never done anything with a man. The thought has passed my mind, but it always stops at his bits. I’m not discounting it, but it hasn’t appealed enough for me to do it — yet.”

Williams has been linked to several hotties over the years. They include: Rachel Hunter, Nicole Appleton, and Ayda Field. Maybe he hasn’t met the right girl yet?

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Jacy Nova

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