Wow, I’m surprised that Kellog’s is dropping Michael Phelps as their spokesman. I guess to buy Kellog’s you have to be “squeaky clean,” no partiers allowed. If that’s true, I think Kellogs would be out of business. I hope that Kellogs executives have to live by the same rules. Just for fun, the media should start scrutinizing the executives of these big corporations. Wait a minute, they already are, that’s why the economy is in such a mess.

Daily News Reports:

Kellogg’s said Thursday night it’s dropping its Frosted Flakes endorsement deal with Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps because of his pot-smoking scandal.

“Michael’s most recent behavior is not consistent with the image of Kellogg,” company spokeswoman Susanne Norwitz said in a statement.

After winning eight medals in Beijing, Phelps blew off Wheaties for a big-bucks contract to be the face of Frosted Flakes and Corn Flakes.

I feel sorry for Phelps. He’s a great athlete, he made a mistake, and he admitted to it. What message are we sending to kids? It’s not okay to make a mistake. Lie instead of telling the truth. Hopefully, he will keep his other endorsements and get some new friends.

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Jacy Nova

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