Jennifer Aniston is a known animal lover and has a couple of dogs.  Just recently, she rescued a dog from getting hit by a car in Hollywood.jenniferaniston2 When asked about her “dog saving skills,” she said that she saved a gorgeous husky who had ran out into a busy intersection.

But the dog she found wasn’t just casually roaming the streets. Aniston says he was in a life-threatening situation. “A dog darted out in the middle of Sunset (Blvd.),” Aniston said. “People didn’t seem like they were stopping.”

Aniston told Access that she got out of her car and, with the help of another woman, approached the dog. At the time the actress had no idea she had a connection to the lost animal.

“The dog that we rescued happened to be Chris McMillan’s,” she explained. McMillan is a celebrity hairdresser who Aniston has worked with before.

A happy ending to the story, they safely returned the dog to his owner. I’m sure that Chris McMillan is grateful for saving his pooch.

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Jacy Nova

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