In tonights episode, Jason Mesnick takes his five girls home to Seattle. In a sneak preview, I will tell you what will happen in tonights episode.

The pressure is really on, as Jason struggles to decide which four women he’ll escort home to meet their families. But first, a surprise visit to the Bachelor’s hometown of Seattle awaits the five remaining bachelorettes – a chance to check out their potential future home.

According to the TV Grapevine: Jason takes one woman on a romantic one-on-one date on a houseboat (Melissa) and escorts three of the bachelorettes on a ferry ride around Seattle and then to a revealing live radio interview. On the final crucial individual date, the handsome single dad chooses Naomi to take a fanciful flight on a seaplane over Seattle before sharing some intimate alone time together.

After a brief reunion with his son, Ty, Jason welcomes the women to Seattle. The lucky woman, who receives the one-on-one date card, is delighted that Jason will show her his hometown in style. However, Jason’s parental duties take precedence when Ty needs him at home and he must make a last minute change in plans.

In the end, it looks like he pulls Stephanie aside to have a “heart to heart” talk about how they might merge families. It’s my guess based on her “crying” previews that she gets the heave ho. Although he has a hot and lusty connection with Naomi, my final bet is on Melissa Rycroft. She seems the best love match for our Cancer boy Jason. Plus, she is a cross between Deanna Pappas meets Eva Longoria. What a cutie.

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Jacy Nova

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