As I posted earlier, it looks like Chance is still with his girl Kemi, and they are expecting their second child.realchanceoflove2 Also, Real and Cornfed are no longer a couple. If rumors are true, they never really were a couple.

Of course, there will be a Real Chance of Love 2. The boys have to pay bills and Chance’s new baby will need some diapers.

MTO Reveals:

If you didnt know the whole show is a hoax. You already know your gonna see some cat fights that’s a given. Just to let you know the boys are given earpieces and are told what to say. Soooo ….. with this being said where shall I begin.

Real has not seen or talked to Cornfed since the show wrapped in August but the producers tell him to tell her that he loves her but he just can’t bring himself to tell her that he loves her so he settles for he has love for her.

I’m kinda bummed for Real and Cornfed. She seems like a cute girl. Oh well, there’s always Real Chance of Love Charm School. Congrats to Chance and his girl Kemi.

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