In a new revealing interview, Mickey Rourke discusses his love of acting, and how boxing stole his heart.mickeyrourke A chameleon actor, he was mesmerizing in his new film, the Wrestler. While watching the film, you really felt he was Randy the character he portrayed. Life imitating art.

The Independent Reports:

What many fans may not be aware of, is that Rourke first stepped into the boxing ring as a 12-year-old in Miami. He began training at the 5th Street Gym where Muhammad Ali began his career. Rourke is reputed to have won 12 consecutive fights with first-round knockouts. After a couple of concussions he was told to take a year off, but drifted into acting instead.

Mickey had his boxing comeback 20 years later. He was trained by Freddie Roach, who is now in Amir Khan’s corner, and after two years he had earned a million dollars. Yet he threw in the towel in 1994 after eight fights, unbeaten but having sustained facial injuries which required several operations.

After that, Mickey fell into some dark times, in an interview he said he spent hours, days on his knees crying to God for just a ray of sunshine. In 2001, he was living in a $500 a month room, when Sean Penn gave him a break and he was cast in The Pledge. At one point he had sold his beloved motorcycles and was living off handouts from a friend just to afford groceries. A few years later, he was cast in Sin City, and of course now he stars in The Wrestler.

On a side note, the director originally fired Mickey to hire Nic Cage as the Wrestler. What? The director was so haunted, he fired Nic Cage and hired Mickey back.

Word on the street, is that Mickey will star in Ironman 2. It looks like that ray of sunshine has arrived for our Virgo dude. We love ya Mickey.

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