What happens to the Bachelor contestants after Jason gives them the heave ho? I know I have. Do the girls try to extend their 15 minutes of fame? Suffering from bruised egos, do they instantly become involved in a relationship?

According to Kari Fajen, “When I go out, I’m happy that people recognize me,” she said. Being Kansas City’s most visible single woman, however, hasn’t affected her love life. In fact, in a conference call with reporters Thursday, she admitted that she now has to be on guard for men who are attracted to her for her television semi-stardom. She said she doesn’t want to date someone who likes her “because I was on the show, but wants to date me for who I am.”

Producers for “The Bachelor” picked Fajen out of a bunch of audition tapes filmed at Trolley’s Downtown Bar & Grille in Overland Park, owned by onetime “Bachelor” bachelor Aaron Buerge. Once she got to the ladies’ lair, she made an attempt to bond with all of her fellow contestants, because that’s what a nice Midwestern girl should be doing.

Personally, I was surprised that Jason didn’t give her a rose, and decided to keep “potty mouth” Megan. Damn, that girl is aggressive.

Kari, the former Chief’s cheerleader says she’s happy to get back to her routine. She’s a very pretty girl, I’m sure she won’t have ANY problem finding love.

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Jacy Nova

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