The Sundance Film Festival is in full swing and has attracted quite a few D List celebrities this year. One popular personality is former Ms. Hulk Hogan. She was in Park City this week to enjoy the festivities with her son Nick, and her 19 year old boy toy Charley.

Fox News Reports:

But Ms. Bollea isn’t as “blonde” as she may come across, and the reality star was smart enough to cash in on her (already-expired?) fifteen minutes of fame by stopping off for some swag at Island Def Jam’s House of Hype, St. Ives Spa and the Hollywood Life House for a free (of course) Fake Bake tan. Linda even asked the vendors if they wanted to take her picture. How gracious.

Linda’s jailbird son Nick also attended the festival and seemed to have no problem with his mama consistently making out with (not to mention canoodling intimately with) her boyfriend who was actually his high school pal. Let’s just say their behavior would have been better left for an area of privacy rather than for the pedestrians of Park City.

“He isn’t Linda’s boytoy anymore,” a source close to Bollea told Tarts. “Things between them are very serious.”

Yes, of course it’s serious. SERIOUSLY WRONG! She’s 30 years older then her man, plus it’s her son’s friend from high school. YUCK! I give it another year tops, before Charley moves on to younger pastures.

Astrologically, 2010 is going to be a tough year for Ms. Bollea a Virgo girl. Her 15 minutes of fame has about ten seconds left.

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Jacy Nova

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