Hot of the press, or should I say rumor mill? If MTO is correct, Cali and Risky from Real Chance of Love are dating. For real? The internet has been buzzing they swing both ways. What do you think? I think MTO is full of it.

ALSO, word on the street that Cornfed and Real are OVER. Bummer, they seemed like they really loved each other.

According to Cornfed’s hometown Park Rapid’s paper, spoke to The Forum for the first time.And while she can’t discuss the status of her relationship with Real until the series is over, some of her comments suggest their love has been diluted by reality.

“At the time, I thought it was love,” Noah says. “I have a lot of love for Real. And, at the time, I was in love with him. … But I don’t think I was ever really truly, truly in love.”

The romance has cooled because the couple hasn’t been able to see each other since the show stopped taping – so as not to spoil the show’s end.

“After the show, we stayed in contact, called every single day, texting. Our relationship was really good. But it’s a phone relationship,” Noah says. “I was so in love with that man and he was in love with me. But it faded. Our relationship wasn’t over. But any long-distance relationship is difficult.”

“What we felt was real at the time,” she says. “It was distance that kept us away from each other. God has a plan. I’m going to leave it up to him.”

Poor Real, that man is so UNLUCKY in love. Although, it sounds like Real broke HER heart. Hopefully, they will reconnect at the Reunion show. Try love in the real world.

No comment from Real’s camp. I guess we will have Real Chance of Love 2.

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Jacy Nova

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