Is she, or isn’t she, that’s the big question every fan wants to know. Does Jason Mesnick pick Melissa to be his happily ever after? In last weeks episode, Jason said she was DEFINITELY his type. Also, I think he likes the fact she hasn’t been romantically involved in a long time, is a plus. Also, the “lookalike” Deanna factor can’t hurt, or can it?

Not everyone on the web agrees. Some speculate, that ABC may have done a switcharoo on us.

Seattlest Reports:

Well, you don’t have to watch this season of The Bachelor to find out who Jason Mesnick wants to marry, because some guy (YouTube handle “handsomepete“) recently made the above video with an airtight “pinky ring” theory. Looks like he’s got some pretty solid TV stills-based evidence, though when you’re dealing with reality television you can never tell. The post-production editing is where it’s at, and we wouldn’t put it past The Bachelor to end the season with some big PSYCHE. We have to agree with Videogum, when they assert that “making all of the women pose while Jason pretends to propose to them is EXACTLY the type of thing they would do on this show.”

I think it’s either Melissa or Stephanie. I believe that both Stephanie and Melissa have pinky rings. If Stephanie isn’t chosen, she would be the perfect Bachelorette.

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