This week, American Idol is back in full swing. I have to admit, I haven’t watched the show yet. Although, I do have it on TIVO. It’s hard to keep up with all my reality shows.

I AM keeping up on the gossip and rumors swirling around American Idol this year. Rumors include: Is this Paula Abdul’s last season? Are Simon Cowell and Paula shagging? Why does Bikini Girl hate Kara, blah, blah.

Keeping in the true American Idol tradition, we have your first mug shot of one of the contestants. Compliments of Radar, a hip and fresh magazine.

Radar Reports:

Scorned Idol contestant Mia Conley hit a sour note when she belted out “Loving You” on Wednesday night’s American Idol and then told Simon, Paula, Randy and Kara “God is going to make you pay for it,” after she was sent packing.

Well, Mia has already paid for it after she was busted on drug charges. turned up the mug shot and rap sheet (click both) belonging to the sour Idol. Mia was arrested in Missouri for 2nd degree drug trafficking and forgery. She got off with a suspended sentence and an Idol rejection slip.

Well, it looks like her 15 minutes of fame got cut to 5. They are serving up another dirty dish on Casey Carlson, the Bikini Girl. She’s definitely Maxim material. I’m sure she will make the top ten.

The OTHER Bikini Girl, contestant Katrina Darrell, 20, made quite a splash this week by auditioning in a swimsuit. I still think Simon will think Casey is way hotter, I hear she sings better too.

Personally, I think American Idol may have lost some of its luster.

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