Robert Pattinson, enjoying the last few minutes of his freedom, before he begins shooting two back to back films in Italy. In a new interview, our sexy Taurus guy continues to show his modest side.

The Improper Reports:

As we previously reported, the self-deprecating Pattinson initially was intimidated by the idea of playing Edward, who is described as unspeakably beautiful—an Adonis. “I really liked Edward’s personality but I asked myself if I was indeed the right actor for the role,” Rob recounts. “He is described as being a rare beauty, and that’s not what I see in my mirror every morning.”

Despite his global popularity, Pattinson says he is unattached at the moment. “Je suis toujours célibataire,” he says. [I’m still single]. But what does he find attractive? “Like everyone else, I’m attracted to girls who have a head on their shoulders. The other day I was watching 30 Rock and I was charmed by the quirky Tina Fey,” says Rob. “Rarely have I seen a woman so sexy.”

But Rob has other celebrity crushes as well. “I’m not immune to the sex appeal of the three Jessicas (Simpson, Alba and Biel). And I’m really fascinated by the grace and beauty of Natalie Portman.

Astrologically, I see love BITING him next spring. Will it be with Kristen Stewart? Only time will tell.

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Jacy Nova

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