REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA – Rumor is NeNe Leakes Leaving the Show, or is She Being Replaced???

What a bummer! Word is that NeNe Leakes will be leaving “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Why? According to recent rumors, she’s getting her own show. I wonder if it will be on Bravo?

According to the Frisky: (A Turner Broadcasting Blog)

Rumor has it, NeNe Leakes, from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” is leaving the show. But don’t worry! NeNe is in talks to get her very own show, a spin-off which focuses on her life. What life?! NeNe, you run some bogus foundation. And as much as we love you, you are NOTHING without Kim and Sheree to fight with. What are we going to do? Watch you as you feed your sweet, old husband, drive around in your Escalade and look for your real daddy? BORING.

Personally, I think it may just be a rumor. UNLESS, they follow her around Hollywood, like I Love New York, while she tries to get acting gigs, etc. I think she would make a great talk show host. Keeping it Real With Nene Leakes.

If the rumors are true, they will have to find another VERY SASSY housewife to replace her. Maybe a gay dude housewife, that would be fun. Stay tuned.

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