I have one word, UNBELIEVEABLE!!! I cannot believe that a judge is allowing Bernie Madoff, one of the biggest Wall Street scam artists in history, to continue under house arrest. This is completely unfair and insane. We have two sets of rules: one for the rich, and the other for the poor. This man has ruined THOUSANDS of lives and he is allowed to live in his comfy penthouse pad, that other INVESTORS paid for, while awaiting trail.

Yahoo Reports:

A judge allowed disgraced investor Bernard Madoff to remain free on bail Monday, rejecting an attempt by prosecutors to send him to jail for mailing more than $1 million in jewelry to family and friends over the holidays.

The decision means Madoff will avoid having to leave the comfort of his $7 million penthouse and await trial in a cramped jail cell with nothing but bunk beds, a sink and toilet. Madoff will remain under house arrest and under the constant watch of security guards.

The ruling further outraged investors who have been clamoring for Madoff to be sent to jail for allegedly carrying out the largest financial fraud in history. They find it shocking that Madoff is free on bail, despite distributing assets that could be used to help repay investors who lost billions.

Magistrate Judge Ronald L. Ellis wrote.

“The government fails to provide sufficient evidence that any potential future dissemination of Madoff’s assets would rise to the level of an economic harm,” the judge wrote.

Is this judge high? How much more harm can this guy do? Our country is in economic crisis, because of con artists like Madoff. WTF? The judge should be sending a message to other “rich” would be fraudsters. They put Martha Stewart in jail for six months, they should let Madoff stew in jail. SHAMELESS!

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Jacy Nova

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