In a new interview, Jason Mesnick reveal his personal thoughts on what type of women he’s looking to share his life with. He recently told Seattle PI, he wants to find a girl with a spark in her eye, someone who is genuinely loving and caring. He goes on to say that he still wants those qualities in a woman, and he realizes NOW — that girl isn’t DeAnna. THANK GOODNESS!!!

Fans and critics have to agree, the new Bachelor Jason Mesnick is the real deal. Even Chris Harrison writes in his blog: I fully supported and even campaigned a little to get Jason Mesnick as our newest Bachelor. He’s a great guy, very down-to-earth and, like myself, always puts family first. He’s extremely genuine and loves his son, Ty, more than anything in this world. But one of the things I like best about Jason is he has NO poker face. As you saw in the first episode, he just can’t hide what he’s feeling — good, bad or downright awkward. I find that very endearing as it allows all of us to really see and feel what his true emotions are.

It’s pretty obvious Chris has NO LOVE for Deanna. He wrote some additional random thoughts about Deanna and the girls on his blog:

*Reliving Jason’s half proposal to Deanna at the top of the show was tough. Still not sure why she left him down there so damn long.

*The cruelest part of all is the fact that the girls arrive in a limo, but once rejected they go home in a van.

Who knew ABC was so cheap. You can read Chris Harrison’s exclusive blog each week at

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