REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY – Did Jeff Beitzel Threaten to Dump Gretchen Over Her Excessive Partying???

This season on Real Housewives of Atlanta, the gossip blogs have been buzzing with rumor and speculation over Gretchen Rossi. She has definitely added some fire to the show. According to sources, she was originally introduced to the shows producer via Jo and Slade, the dynamic marketing duo.

As previously reported, Gretchen’s fiance Jeff Beitzel sadly lost his battle with leukemia in September 2008. After his death, the fangs have come out, and his family is speaking out against Gretchen and her behavior during their relationship. According to a blog Pretty on the Outside, Jeff’s sister posted the following comment on her blog:

” As for Gretchen, Jeff was ready to end that relationship due to her excessive partying and mainly her “recreational drug” use. Jeff was no stranger to alcohol, but had told her it was either the drugs or him because he wouldn’t live with it. Somehow she managed to convince him, and I even found this unbelievable at the time not even knowing her, that she had given up partying and drugs for him, and had returned to her “religious” upbringing. How or why he wanted to believe this is beyond me, but obviously he was deceived. The “Malibu Barbie” image seemed to overrule all reason.”

I guess bottom line, the poor guy was sick, he loved her, and didn’t want to lose her. It’s called denial. In fairness to Gretchen, everyone deals with death differently. She may have “partied” to cover up the pain. Who knows? It seems that Jeff and Gretchen had genuine love and affection for each other. If she made his day a little bit more beautiful and brighter, so be it. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family. He seemed like a very cool dude.

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  1. I liked Jeff alot. He seemed like a really nice man but you could see while watching the series he was not well and to me it seemed that a more quiet less hectic environment would maybe have been better for this man and not the madness of this reality show. This too me would not be something I would do for my sick boyfriend at all.
    I almost wish he did not have to have dealt with it etc especially the comment when Gretchen said ‘she was not physically attracted to him” this broke my heart what must he have felt. There is honesty and there is tact. I alost wanted to cry for him. Anyway I liked him very much. If he was ‘truley’ happy with Grtechen then so be it but a part of me seems to think not so to the full extent. I do like her and I liked him very much but I think they might have been mismatched. I think the reality show is something that should not have been for Jeff at all considering his illness and the privacy he should have had and not to have been subjected to Gretchens partying and comments etc. I do think she loved him very much and he her too but I was saad to hear some of comments and he sometimes did not look happy which was understandable. Anyway if they were happy then that was their business. RIP Jeff I am sorry you had to suffer this illness. Gretchen I hop[e you find peace in getting through the difficult loss as only you know in your heart how you are feeling.

  2. I like Gretchen. & I wish death on no one this is very sad. I don’t think that she is a Golddigger. She had money when she met Jeff. She stopped working full-time to take care of him. & on the last episode, for the first time I did agree with Vicki. Jeff should leave her some money because of all the things she did give up for him. I know it seems like she’s charging him for her kindness, but this is life. She’s not his wife so she doesn’t get anything unless he puts it in his will or something idk. Anyways hang in there Gretchen, now you can party all you want & start your family. My deepest sympathy for Jeff’s family & Gretchen.<3

  3. Gretchen and Jeff made one another happy. It’s really unfair to refer to Gretchen as a gold-digger because they both got something out of one another. Jeff had a beautiful woman to make his last few days on life enjoyable. She’s young, and fun, if she made him happy, what’s wrong with that? He’s worth a lot, I can’t believe someone like him could be so successful without a brain – he was a smart man and knew exactly what he was doing when he got involved with Gretchen. Let’s respect them and their relationship and what they had. He could have ended their relationship, but he didn’t, maybe there was more to it than we actually know.

    It’s nice to know that she was completely devoted to him, and stayed by his side untill the end. I respect her for her selflessness.

    No amount of money in the world would make me want to give up my life, work, and dreams to nurse an old man. I couldn’t do it, but she could. More power to her.

    Let’s hope one day she meets a nice man with whom she can start a new life and have her 4 children.

  4. “i really like Gretchen and i think that her and Jeff were a good match. i don’t think that she is a GOLDDIGGER. she looked like she really and truely cared for Jeff. she is very beaitiful and every woman deserves to be spoiled and taken cared of by her spouse. “

  5. he was a really cool dude. i have known him for many years. him and my uncle were work partners and i saw him almost every christmas. everytime my family watches the show, it’s crazy to see how skinny he was cuz he was very very sick. Beitzel was a very nice and very funny guy. he also loved golf if nobody knew that. my dad, uncles, and him golfed together a lot. he was a part of the family and we still miss him very much.

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