Fans have been speculating, if former Bachelorette star Deanna Pappas, will make a surprise appearance on the new season of the Bachelor. If so, I think it would be ABC’s idea and not Jason and Deanna’s. I hope that Deanna Pappas is not that narcissistic, by trying to get some “extra airtime” for her new show “Getting Married.”

One of the girls, Molly from Grand Rapids, makes quite a splash with Jason in the series premiere. According to, she dukes it out with a Brazilian bombshell Raquel, over a slow dance with our favorite single dad.

Not only will I be tuning in, but so will all of West Michigan as we find out if Molly has a chance among the cast of 25 beauties who vie for Jason’s attention. As it turns out, Molly gets quite a bit of air time on the season debut of the 13th edition of ABC’s popular romance reality series.

I had a chance to see the premiere — except for the all-important “rose ceremony” — and Molly makes a splash on the first episode. She even upstages Raquel, a 27-year-old Brazilian medical student, who tries to lure the 32-year-old Jason into a seductive samba. Molly — described by producers as the “girl next door” — cuts in for a slow jazz dance.

The blogs have been buzzing with several spoiler alerts. Most forums have concluded that the final two girls will be Megan and Melissa. Melissa is a dead ringer for Deanna Pappas and Megan is a single mom. (Another fan noted, the final two are Molly and Melissa, see comment below. )

Maybe a single mom as the Bachelorette? Also, it seems most of Jason’s ladies are brunettes. I guess blondes don’t have more fun after all. Stay tuned, tomorrow is the big night!!! Can’t wait.


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