In the continuing soap opera saga of Lindsay and Sam, it looks like our two lovebirds are at their breaking point. According to sources, Samantha Ronson is getting fed up with Lindsay’s co-dependency and outrageous behavior at her DJ events. On New Year’s Eve, it’s reported they had a MAJOR BLOWOUT!!!

Starz Life Reports:

The “happy” pictures that are circulating of the them on the internet are complete BS. Lindsay walked over to the DJ booth for the countdown to midnight and Sam and her smiled for the cameras for all of 30 seconds. When the photographers were told to move from the stage everything went back to them fighting.

I was in the booth on stage next to Lindsay and all night she kept going back and forth to the DJ booth yelling at Sam asking when she would be done so she could spend time with her. Then she’d go back to her table and start texting on her blackberry. I didn’t see her drink, but she definitely didn’t look sober. Sam was cool about it all.

When I started talking to Sam, Lindsay came up and started yelling at me “That’s my girlfriend. I love her!” and thought I was trying to steal her woman. I was trying to tell her to chill out, but she was out of it (high in my opinion).

She started yelling at Sam telling her she wanted her gone and then she told all the security that she wanted Sam out of there. Sam told me not to worry about Lindsay because she’s nuts. Lindsay yelled at Sam again and Sam flipped her off. That totally pissed off Lindsay and she wound up leaving the club with some dude with long black hair, a blonde chick and a brunette chick.

I don’t know, sounds like a typical “chick” relationship. Lots of drama and afterwards you make up. Lindsay is a Taurus, very loving, but also VERY STUBBORN. Astrologically, it looks like these two girls will split in spring. Stay tuned.

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Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.