The sweet revenge, Jennifer Aniston must be pretty pleased with herself. She’s starring in the most popular holiday movie, Marley and Me, and she kicked Brad Pitt’s ass at the box office. If you haven’t seen Marley and Me yet, you should definitely go. It’s a sweet, funny, and charming movie. Plus, Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston have great chemistry in the film. Actually, they would make a pretty cute couple.

The big star of the film is the dog, or the 21 dogs I should say, who star as Marley. The main dog, 4 year old Labrador named Clyde, is on a media blitz tour, spreading the gospel according to Labrador.

Of the many canines that impersonated the Grogan family dog, the most cinegenic may be 4-year-old Clyde, a 75-pound biscuit-hued Labrador with coffee-colored smudges on his muzzle. His heroic profile rivals that of John Barrymore and Scooby-Doo put together.

Clyde, who’s been traveling the U.S. in recent weeks, spreading the gospel according to Labrador, has already scarfed down three cheesesteaks and he’s raring for dessert. Franklin Fountain has prepared a dog-friendly soy ice-cream sundae with peanut-butter sauce, but Clyde’s trainer, Mathilde DeCagny, doesn’t let him indulge in sweets.

What was Clyde’s reward for being the star of the movie? His trainer DeCagny says, “his rewards are treats, toys, tennis balls.” The movie based on a true story written by John Grogan, is WONDERFUL!!! Don’t forget to bring a big box of Kleenex, it’s a real tear jerker.


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Jacy Nova

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