It looks like love for our Charlie’s Angels girls. First, Cameron Diaz and Paul Sculfor. The latest romantic hook up is Drew Barrymore and Jason Segel. They make a cute couple.

Drew our sensitive Pisces girl, is in love with love. She’s known to be quite the player, dating every hot actor or musician in town. What about Jason Segel? What’s his story?

Jason is a Capricorn dude, he is known for his role as “Freak” Nick Andopolis on the short-lived NBC comedy-drama series Freaks and Geeks. He dated his co-star Linda Cardellini for a few years, following the shows cancellation. It was rumored that she dumped him for gaining twenty pounds, but it has since emerged that the statement was in fact a joke taken out of context. What’s the scoop about Drew and him?

Defamer Reported:

Celebrated my birthday with friends on Saturday night in Los Feliz and ended up at the last night of Tangiers. Down the street sitting out front eating at Little Dom’s was DREW BARRYMORE! She looks hot blonde! She was having dinner with that guy from Forgetting Sarah Marshall and How I Met Your Mother.

Wasn’t she always blond? I like her hair blond, she looks much cuter. I wonder how long this relationship will last? Either way, she DEFINITELY has good taste in men.

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