As Bachelor fans gear up for season 13, many are curious if Jason Mesnick will choose a single parent like himself. The internet and message boards are already buzzing with predictions and spoilers. Is it the single mom from Pennslyvania he finally chooses, or is it the hot Dallas Cowboys cheerleader? Also, what exactly is Jason Mesnick looking for in a wife?

Reality TV World, recently asked our favorite Cancer boy, what he wanted in a woman, and if he wanted more children. Here is what he had to say.

Jason Mesnick: I’m going to have more kids and the person that I’ve chosen, her and I will have a family and we’ll have more kids and I – you know, obviously my expectations for that are that we are going to be parents together. But with what I was saying with the person I was looking for is, you know, Ty already has a mother.

So when I was coming into this I was thinking, you know what, I’m not looking for a mom for Ty. I’m looking for somebody that could be a partner for me, that can be a mentor for him, you know, with more authority. But who has those traits because, you know, I know half of us in this country have step parents. And I think the hardest thing to do is for somebody to walk in and say, “Hey, here’s your stepmom,” or “Here’s your stepdad.” Versus, like, “Hey, here’s Daddy’s – here’s my partner and she’s also, you know, she’s also going to be a friend to you, she’s going to be a mentor to you, she’s going to help you, she’s going to help you learn. But you’re also going to have to listen to her.”

Not exactly articulate, but it sounds like he’s found his dreamgirl, and he’s engaged. If rumors are true, he picked Melissa from Dallas, Texas. She’s a DEAD RINGER for Deanna, or could be her younger sister. Maybe will finally get to see a BACHELOR televised wedding. WOO HOO!!!

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