In a new interview with Vampire hunk Robert Pattinson, the Taurus babe reveals he initially turned down the Twilight role of Edward. That’s a shocker. Why, in the world would he pass up such a juicy role? The supernatural story of the star-crossed love between a 17-year-old human teen and a 108-year-old Vampire didn’t appeal to him at all. “I didn’t realize [Twilight] was going to be this big,” says Pattinson, 22. “I didn’t want to be involved in a teen thing.” ( I guess he’s not a Anne Rice fan, Vampires are hot Rob.)

But there was more to Rob’s initial reluctance than just a fantasy story line. “Mainly, I had turned it down because I was just scared about the physical aspect of it,” Pattinson told Ireland’s newspaper. “Because he had a six-pack and I didn’t.” That makes more sense, he felt insecure. Which makes Rob all the more sweet and cute. He’s adorable and humble at the same time.

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The turning point came when Rob auditioned with Kristen Stewart, who plays Bella Swan. The two stars had an immediate chemistry. Interestingly, Kristen, 18, had an even stronger reaction when she was first approached about the film: She hated it. But the actors saw more to their uni-dimensional characters and brought that depth to the big screen.

“[Rob] understood the character,” says Stewart, 18. “He didn’t come in and try to be this perfect-looking being. He actually looked like he was thinking about something and he actually looked at me, instead of just hoping that he looked good at that moment and was fixated on his pose. He was perfect for it.”

Personally, I think it’s the chemistry between Rob and Kristen make the film. You can feel that “soulmate” connection between the two. Fortunately for fans, New Moon in 2009 and Eclipse in 2010 will be filmed back to back. Can’t wait.


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