In a recent interview, Beyonce our favorite Virgo girl, recently confessed that she dresses up like a dude, so she can go running in Central Park. Really? I doubt if she fools to many people. Her booty is WAY TOO BIG, to pass as a man.

Stuff Reports:

The singer dons male clothes so she can go running in New York incognito. Beyonce, 27, said: “I love being able to run in Central Park. Just me and my trainer. I dress up like a boy and then no-one knows it’s me. I just keep moving.”

Beyonce’s latest hit ‘If I Were a Boy’ details what she would like to do if she were able to swap gender for a day.

In other news, “Heroes” star Ali Larter is all set to steal Beyonce Knowles’ hubby in their new film “Obsessed”. The movie is about a rampant stalker who threatens to break-up a happily married couple and actor Idris Elba is the lucky man caught between these two actresses. reports that Elba’s previous silver screen attempt was overshadowed by the incredible Jennifer Hudson in “Dreamgirls”. And unfortunately for Beyonce, it looks like sassy Ali could steal the show this time around too.


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