GABRIEL TREJOS – A Christmas Miracle, Father Escapes Burning Continental Plane With Wife, and Baby!!!!

A Continental Airlines jet in Denver, ran off the runway on Saturday night, injuring 38 people. The plane caught fire, as the 112 passengers scrambled to get off the plane. One lucky passenger, Gabriel Trejos and his family escaped as the plane burst into flames.

In his own words:

“Shortly after that we hit the ground and the plane buckled towards the middle. I saw the seats sort of buckling in towards each other. I just seemed like it took forever for the plane to stop. On my side of the plane I could see the engine. I noticed it was on fire and I could feel the heat coming from the window.” “I started smelling the smoke. You could smell the plastic and the gas, whatever was burning.”

“I handed the baby to my wife because she was closer to the door and we were trying to exit through the back end of the plane, but everybody was kind of frantic and having a hard time getting out. They were pushing each other.”

Gabriel Trejos along with his wife and young son were among dozens of passengers who only suffered minor bumps and bruises when Continental Airlines flight 1404 veered off the runway and crashed into a ravine at Denver International Airport. “So I looked behind me (and noticed) it would be easier to get out of the center of the plane where the emergency door was over the wing.”

“We got out. (My wife) handed the baby back to me because I ended up being in front and I got off the plane. She slid off the wing because the wing was pretty slippery and the ground was just right there.” I don’t remember…going down any kind of slide. It was just the wing and then the ground.”

Seven passengers are still in the hospital being treated for injuries, and two are in critical condition. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family this holiday season and we wish them a speedy recovery.

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