AMY WINEHOUSE – Is She Being Blackmailed by Hubby Blake Fielder and His Mum for Millions???

I feel sorry for our girl Amy Winehouse. Her douche bag, jailbird husband Blake Fielder, and train wreck of a mother, thinks he DESERVES over $4 million dollars for all the “trouble” he’s been through. Excuse me? You’re the one that got her hooked on drugs, maybe the judge should give you an extra 4 years, for turning an amazing talent into an addict. Your mum should get 4 years, for giving birth to such a scumbag.

Amy Winehouse is reported to be worth over $14 million dollars. Her junkie hubby Blake, publicly says he wants “none” of her money, but privately he and his Mum have ganged up on Amy, demanding hush money not to write a tell all book.

News of the World Reports:

But now a close pal of the Back to Black singer has told us: “That’s all pretence — Blake has asked Amy’s manager for £1MILLION to walk away from their marriage and not write a tell-all book about it.

“He’s so two-faced. He just wants a pay-off. Money’s his driving force.” Blake—sent back to jail this week after failing a rehab drug test—told mum Georgette that Amy’s dad had already offered him £50,000 to divorce his daughter.

Georgette claimed that worried Mitch Winehouse pitched the secret deal after Blake confessed to the News of the World last Sunday how he got Amy hooked on heroin, crack cocaine and self-harm.

Amy a hardworking Virgo girl, has been loyal to her jerk off hubby. Now that’s he showing his true colors, hopefully she will kick him to the curb.

In other Wino news, A sculpture by Marco Perego, entitled “The Only Good Rock Star Is a Dead Rock Star”, that depicts Winehouse lying in a pool of blood with a bullet hole in her head after being shot by American novelist and beat poet William S. Burroughs, went on display in New York’s Half Gallery on 14 November 2008. The sale price for the sculpture is listed at USD$100,000.

Perego said of the sculpture “Rock stars are the sacrificial animals of society.” Winehouse’s spokesperson said “It’s a funny kind of tribute. The artist seems in thrall to a tabloid persona that is not the real Amy. People often use her image to sell their work”.

Perego is just another jerk, trying to make money off the poor girls addiction problems. I don’t think it’s a tribute at all, just some marketing hype to sell his crappy work.

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