Today is the big day. Twilighters will flock to movie theaters, to catch hunky vampire Robert Pattinson, on the big screen. Will the movie live up to the hype? Can it even compare? At this point, I think most fans just want to drool over Robert Pattinson for two hours. He could be prancing around in his underwear for all they care.

In a new interview, Robert Pattinson talks about his character:

Q: Did you have any concerns about not living up to fan expectations of what Edward is like?
A: I never saw it as a vampire. I saw it as a guy with something in him that makes him terrified of commitment. He is extremely passionate and has very little self-control. He is with a girl he can’t have a physical relationship with and she keeps tempting him.

Q: You and Kristen Stewart, who plays love interest Bella, have said you watched Last Tango in Paris as homework. Any other films put you in the mood for Twilight?
A: With
Tango, it is about a girl who doesn’t fully realize the consequences of her decision. It is the dark side of the coin. I also watched Ang Lee’s Lust, Caution and (Hitchcock’s) Notorious. And a lot of Japanese films. They are a lot more about stillness, proximity rather than following through. It is what happens before a sex scene.

Pattinson is a sexy Taurus guy, who’s definitely riding a high speed train to super stardom. In the interview, he says he’s looking forward to shooting the next film, New Moon. He says Edward grows as a character and is less controlled.

Personally, I think he has the most beautiful eyes and is positively dreamy! I’m looking forward to catching the movie tonight. Don’t forget to sign the Twilight petition for Taylor Lautner here.


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Jacy Nova

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