The Ex Rock of Love girls, are very enterprising. Daisy has her own reality show, Heather Chadwell and Kristy Joe are making multiple appearances at club openings and so are the rest of the girls. Even Ambre Lake is jumping on the band wagon with her own clothing line. Also, the perfect accessory, maybe a new rockstar boyfriend?

On her MySpace page, she posted the following blog announcement:

New Clothing Line with Revolution Clothing!

Hey guys! So, this is a new venture for me. I am endorsing a new clothing line with Revolution Clothing called “Revolution Rock”. This is my new line and in its baby stages right now. I have a few shirts out now but will expand to hoodies, hats and more very soon. As I get requests for things I will push for new items to be released.

If you’re interested in checking out the stuff go to and click on “Revolution Rock”. Like I said, there are just a few shirts on there now but stay tuned for more rockin’ wear.

Also, I would like to extend my appreciation to you guys……my fans/friends and yes, even enemies. If you make an order put “ambrefan” in the promo code for a 15% discount.

Thanks again for all of your friendships and support. Luv u all!!


Ambre Lake is a fun and friendly Aquarius girl. She has big Hollywood dreams and trying to work her 15 minutes of fame. In recent pictures, it looks like she might have had a little work done. Or possibly she’s rocking the Botox. On her new clothing line. I don’t really see her as a “rocker chick,” but she’s definitely trying.

On a side note, has she added a new rockstar boyfriend to her lifestyle? Maybe, but not this one. Word is she’s NOT dating Stacey Blades from LA Guns. Sorry Ambre he’s taken, pretty cute guy though. Check out her MySpace page for more sexy pics.

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Jacy Nova

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