TODD SHEMARYA – Hollywood Agent for Brad Pitt and Christina Aguilera Sued For Sexual Harrassment!

I guess the “casting couch” stories you hear are true. Todd Shemarya, a brand agent for stars like Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Matthew McCoughnaughey, and Christina Aguilera has been sued for sexual harassment. He’s the agent responsible for getting $15 million smackers, for photos of Brad and Angelina’s twins.

The Independent Reports:

A Hollywood agent, who helped Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie secure $15m for photographs of their newborn twins, insulted his clients and made jokes about their sexual habits, a lawsuit claims.

Todd Shemarya, whose roster includes Matthew McConaughey and Christina Aguilera, stands accused of subjecting former assistant, Heather Devlin, to “a constant barrage of offensive sexual, racist and religious comments” while parading naked and exposing himself to staff in his office.

In a sexual harassment and wrongful dismissal claim filed at the Superior Court in Los Angeles, Mr Shemarya is alleged to have stolen gifts intended for clients, and given “preferential treatment” to gay employees who slept with him.

Unlike a show business agent, who solicits film roles for his clients, a brand agent works to leverage their fame by setting up deals which see them showered with free luxury goods and designer brands.

Yet according to the lawsuit, Mr Shemarya pocketed many gifts intended for his clients. For example, it claims, he was able to use Pitt’s name to get free goods for himself from TAG Heuer, and a discount at Prada clothing shops.

I wonder what Brad thinks about that. I don’t know about you but he sounds totally guilty to me. Obviously the guy got way too greedy. When Hollywood giveth, it can also take it away.

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