The ABC Bachelor boards are going crazy. The recent dirt on Deanna Pappas is she’s hooking up with Jeremy in Dallas this weekend. WTF? Who knows it could be true? Or some gossip gangster is making up crap. If Jeremy’s smart, he’ll run screaming in the other direction.

Here’s the post:

DallasDirt Exclusive: It Could Be Love, From Dallas Fresh from breaking her engagment to Jesse Csincsak, former Bachelorette and real estate agent DeAnna Pappas already spoke with Jeremy Anderson Monday and is headed to Dallas this weekend to spend time with him.

Perhaps Jeremy is the one! Perhaps they will be house-hunting… or not. (I always thought they belonged together!) If DeAnna were to move to Dallas, which firm would she join? I cast my vote for Allie Beth Allman or Dave Perry-Miller & Associates. What do you think?

Dallas Dirt is the gossip section for a popular magazine in Dallas, D Magazine. Damn, can’t this girl spend five minutes alone? How many Bachelors does she need to throw under the bus? This would totally explain her ending her engagement with Jesse. I wonder how long she has been speaking with Jeremy Anderson. This girl does not know what she wants.

Jesse, we’re so sorry. Have fun at Shaun White’s snowboard party this week. Find yourself a cute snow bunny.


Reality Steve was nice enough to send us an email. He said he spoke with Jeremy and according to Jeremy it’s a false rumor they are speaking again. Here’s what he said.

Hey there…..I saw that you commented on my page regarding DeAnna spending the past weekend with Jeremy.  I hadn’t heard this it all, so I immediately went to the source and emailed Jeremy to which his response was “totally ridiculous”.  He did not see her last weekend, isn’t seeing her this weekend, and has no plans to see her. 

Also, I guess there were magazine pictures in recent weeks that had him canoodling with Aubrey O’Day, formerly of Danity Kane, another female which I asked him about and he strictly denied they are dating and told me they’re “just friends.” 

Thought I’d pass that info along so people aren’t confused.  Thanks.

Thanks for the info.

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