Real a Capricorn is one of the reality stars on the Real Chance of Love. Real known as the serious one, is romantic and loyal. Also, DAMN SEXY. On one of his MySpace blogs, Real’s gets deep about his thoughts on love and life. It’s pretty deep and really good advice.

Real’s Love Blog:

It’s been so long since I’ve been in a relationship.YA DAMN RIGHT I’m still single.U think I’m going to get hurt again.No way hose.Girls will dog u just like a man would do a girl.They cheat and use just like men.But women are much better at it. A lot sneakier then men.Better liars too.WHEN THEY WANT TO BE.Sorry ladies but its the truth.Women are stronger mentally then most men, and it’s part of a woman’s make up.

My point is I learned a lot about them early, and how u ask?Because they hurt me that’s how ya nerds.Was I faithful and true, hell yea I was.Why because I’m just a loving, loyal guy lol.(not to boast).I chose to be with them, so it is my fault.I had to get hurt twice to learn my lesson.I have no time for b.s., no games.Why the games ladies?I mean life is too damn short for the games.I know some girls that have this wall up because they’ve been hurt.They don’t want to get hurt again, so they put up a wall, blocking the way to their heart.I understand, trust me.

But sometimes we can keep it up too long or make it too high that we miss out on love.Trust me I know the pain, But you can’t give up.I never gave up and won’t because I know that love doesn’t hurt us, it’s people.With knowing that I can keep going.But at the same time, look for someone ur more compatible with.What do u have in common with this person?Make sure that person is interested in getting to know u, and not something else.

U ever heard of this phrase before, “love like u never been hurt.”True we should, but to many people are getting hurt and they arent over it yet.They still have a wall up.So that’s easy for anybody to say.Love is easy, yet a complicated factor.We make it harder than it is.I can be married to the same woman for the rest of my life and be completely satisfied.That’s what I want.But in today’s age, nobody wants to hear that.Hell marriage is a dead issue today.People would rather have long relationships than marry.Even move in together.

Then women complain when he doesn’t marry them.Nobody told u to stay.U could have left along time ago.But you thought he would change.Women u have made it way to easy for us men today.Back in the old days a man had to sleep with a prostitute if he wanted to cheat on his wife/woman.Now all he has to do is go to a club,or even the internet.Dont u understand the power of The Pussy.U have what men want.It’s there kryptonite.Use it for good and stop just giving it to anyone.MOST women can go longer without having sex than most men.

For the virgins(I KNOW THERE ARE SOME STILL LEFT,BUT NOT MANY) u have something every man wants.Be strong and dont settle for less.If u want to save it till marriage or till u fall in love then so be it.For every cause there is an effect.Don’t let some man be a negative effect on a broken heart.

Why do I write all this?Because I have seen this a lot.Not just to me, but family and friends and I have to deal with it.Most people think that the love Romeo and Juliet had for each other doesn’t exist.That it was only a story.Well, i for one believe that it does exist.It exists in ur heart, not ur head or a book.You can’t doubt love,u have to know.I feel it in my heart deeply.Now it’s just a matter of how deep she loves. Connect the two, and you’ll be sailing on the Titanic.

To be honest with ya, I don’t see it getting any better.I see it getting worse.U think I wanted to be single this long, Hell now.To find a good woman these days is damn near like finding a needle in a hay stack.But I know that special someone is out there………..somewhere.she may even be right under my nose. LoverBoy(Amore)

Words to live by. (I sure hope he doesn’t pick MILF, bad choice.)

UPDATE: Sadly, Ahmad “Real” Givens died on Feb 21, 2015, at the age of 33 of colon cancer. May he rest in peace.

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Jacy Nova

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