So what has our girl, I Love New York been up to. The latest rumor is that Tiffany Pollard is preggers by an A LIST actor. I wonder who the A LIST actor could be? Eddie Murphy? He seems pretty fertile.

Media Takeout Reports:

Could New York finally be prepared to be a mother? That’s what is hearing. According to a person EXTRAORDINARILY close to Tiffany “New York” Pollard, our favorite reality may be pregnant. The insider told MTO that Tiffany has been seeing a man casually for a few weeks and she now suspect that she’s pregnant.

And it gets better. The father of the child is reportedly an A-LIST movie star. Unfortunately, the pal wouldn’t reveal who the lucky guy is. The insider only told that the supposed father IS NOT Buddha, the man New York has been rumored to have been dating for weeks.

Who knows, maybe Tiffany said it as a joke because she’s gotten curvier. Or it would explain her emotional meltdowns and recent weight gain. I love that crazy Capricorn girl. I hope she finds love, whoever it is.

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Jacy Nova

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