The Witches of Cazador have cast a wicked spell on graphic novel fans. Book two, in the Vampress Girls graphic novel series, hit bookstores on October 1, 2008, just in time for Halloween. If you’re a Twilighter and a Stephenie Meyers’ fan, you’ll love this book. It’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Twilight.

The story…

Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Heathers in this fast-paced graphic novel trilogy for rock fans! By day, Passion, Raven, Sweet, and Page are innocent college students, but after dark, they rule the indie rock scene as the famous band, The Vampress Girls.

Every spirit of the Underworld has descended upon England, to celebrate and protect the Laws of the Underworld. At stake is the Vampress Code – the ancient book that holds the secrets of the vampires and the demons, and the key to the world’s very survival! This time, Love and the Vampress Girls must not only fight their arch-enemies the Demon Girls, but also the notorious Witches of Cazador as they find themselves caught in a diabolical plot that leaves them on the brink of disaster!

It’s available now at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Borders, Chapters, and Last week, the book hit the Hot 100 on Amazon. com and It’s a fun read. If you love vampires and witches, you’ll dig this book.

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Jacy Nova

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