This was just reported a few minutes ago. Oscar winning actress Jennifer Hudson’s mother Darnelle Donerson and her brother Jason Hudson were found shot to death today in her Chicago home. According to police reports, they believe the shooting was related to a domestic dispute. It’s reported that Jennifer Hudson is in route to Chicago.

E Online Reports:

Officer John Mirabelli of the Chicago Police Department tells E! that officers were called to the 7000 block of Yale Avenue in the neighborhood of Englewood, where just before 3 p.m. they discovered two unresponsive adults—one male, one female—who had apparently been shot to death.

The shooting is believed to be domestic, according to police. Various reports are claiming that the other victim was Hudson’s older brother, Jason Hudson.

Mirabelli could not confirm the victims’ identifies, but a source close to Hudson confirmed to E! a local TV report that identified Darnelle Donerson as one of the deceased. The I.D. reportedly came from a representative of the family’s church, Pleasant Gift Missionary Baptist.

Chicago police are now searching for a man and boy, believed to be driving on the North Side. The man is known as “William,” has braids in  his hair, and is driving a 1994 Chevy, according to police scanner traffic. The 7-year-old, known as Julian, is wearing a tan jersey with the number 5 on it, and tan slacks.

Very very sad news for the actress. No statement from Jennifer Hudson or her fiance David Otunga has been released as of yet. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jennifer and her family.

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