BARACK OBAMA – Expected to Win in Landslide Victory, Sarah Palins Insulting Comments Backfire!

In news reports today, the nightmare on Wall Street has basically killed John McCain’s presidential bid. It seems voters are sick of the Republicans and they are ready for a serious change in the White House.

CBS Reports:

Three weeks of historic economic upheaval has done more than just tilt a handful of once-reliably Republican states in Barack Obama’s direction. Democratic strategists are now optimistic that the ongoing crisis could lead to a landslide Obama victory.

Four large states John McCain once seemed well-positioned to win-Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio and Florida-have in recent weeks shifted toward Obama. If Obama were to win those four states-a scenario that would represent a remarkable turn of events-he would likely surpass 350 electoral votes.

Obama is seen in multiple polls as the more capable economic steward by double-digit margins. McCain had briefly drawn about even on the question following the GOP convention.

“There is the complete utter loss of faith in GOP politics,” argued Jim Jordan, a Democratic strategist. “This is chickens coming home to roost in a way that was almost unimaginable a year ago.”

The McCain’s strategy to have Sarah Palin constantly bring up Bill Ayers is backfiring. Voters want to talk about the issues, how are we going to end the war, lower taxes, and fix the economy. Night after night, we here the same “canned speech” by Sarah Palin at political rallies. It’s not helping the Republican campaign, it’s destroying it.

The final debate is on October 15th, I astrologically predict that Obama will win…in a LANDSLIDE VICTORY! Woohoo!

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  1. Virgo rules savings and finance. McCain is a Virgo and if Virgo is under attack so are savings and finance.

  2. What McCain is doing is so transparent – I can’t see how any voter could be buying into this nonsense. William Ayers? Asked and answered a million times during the Democratic primary – there is nothing there… except for McCain/Palin to “ask” questions that play into people’s worst fears that Obama is “not one of us”. It’s sickening. It’s worse than just negative campaigning, it’s creating false suspicions, impuning his character – it’s sick. One of the McCain people today is talking about Obama and drug use and being a “street kid” – drug use that Obama explained himself 12 years ago in his autobiography. This country is falling apart at the seams on many fronts – and the only “strategy” McCain has for winning is to make people fearful? Law of Attraction says that those who “push against” the most lose – so I guess Obama wins! I am so happy to see you predicted a landslide – I can’t wait.

    I think Obama’s intellect, steady hand and ability to bring people together is exactly what this country needs at this difficult time…

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