As reported yesterday, Travis Barker was released from the Burn Center in Georgia, and is in route by bus to Los Angeles. Upon arrival, he will be admitted into Cedar Sinai hospital for continued treatment.

Yesterday, a memorial service was held for his best friend Chris Baker, who tragically died in last weeks plane crash. The plane crash killed both Chris Baker and Chris Still upon impact along with two others.The one person who has been Travis’ rock since the accident is his ex wife Shanna Moakler. She rushed to be with him after she heard the news.

According to People magazine:

Shanna Moakler is sticking by her ex-husband, Travis Barker, as he heads back to Los Angeles after being badly burned in a plane crash just over a week ago. “She is so devoted to him [and] he appreciates it so much,” a source close to the couple tells PEOPLE. “She’s sticking by him. She is with him. Despite everything that’s happened to them, they love each other.”

Barker, 32, was released from the Joseph M. Still Burn Center at Doctors Hospital in Augusta, Ga., on Monday and is headed back to Los Angels on a bus. He is “going to another hospital in L.A,” says the source. “He wants to be home.”

Another source tells PEOPLE: “Trust me, [Travis] will never fly again – ever.”As for the state of the musician’s health, “he’s not in good shape,” says the source. “It’s still serious. It’s very serious.”

Travis is a Scorpio, a deeply passionate man, who has the will and determination to get through the tragic accident. With Shanna Moakler an Aries by his side, together they will be able to weather the storm. Their children will be the glue that will keep the relationship together. We wish them the best.


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