The music industry is still reeling from last weeks plane crash that claimed the lives of Chris Baker and Chris Still. Miraculously, Travis Barker and DJ AM (Adam Goldstein) survived by jumping out the plane and sliding down the wing. Both musicians suffered second degree and third degree burns.

One of the crash victims DJ AM (Adam Goldstein), is the ex fiancee of Nicole Ritchie. In a recent interview she was quoted as saying:

“My prayers are with them — they are two people I just have so much respect for,” Fox News quoted Ritchie, as saying. “I just think it”s amazing they survived; I hope everything goes OK,” Nicole added.

For the last nine years, DJ AM has been sober and tried to help Nicole Ritchie overcome her drug addiction. In 2007, the couple broke up and she is now with Joel Madden, from the rock band Good Charlotte. Her BFF Paris Hilton, is dating Benji Madden his brother as well.

It’s reported that Nicole Ritchie has not visited DJ AM at the hospital, although his other ex-girlfriend Mandy Moore visited him the day after the crash. It’s expected that both musicians will spend several weeks in the hospital and will take about a year to recover. We wish them the best.


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