Yes, it’s true, Daisy De La Hoya, is getting her own reality spin off series. So all you wanna be rocker dudes, stand in line. As mentioned in a previous post, Brett Michaels is shooting Rock of Love Bus, with 25 skanky groupie chicks vying for a one night stand. LOL!

Daisy recently gave a shout out to fans on her MySpace page:

I Really Want To let You All Know how Much Your Love And Support mean to me!!! The amount of Fans and friends That have come out of This Experience is Amazing!!! I never thought that I Would have this Many Rad people on my side!!! And believe me It rocks!!! You guys Lift my spirtits when im down… cause as You know the media and what Not love To Hate me!!! HAHAH… oh Well cant Please em All…… anyhow… the point Is I Wanna Thank you All For the Love You Have shown me… all my fans.. Friends… and People That believe in me enough to go that extra mile….. I feel pretty Lucky to have You guys On My side and Im always Greatful to you!!!! WOO HOO!!!

The one and ONLY…

I doubt if she’ll find true love on her reality show, I see her hooking up with a real rockstar down the road. It will make a great reality show though. Daisy has Sun in Capricorn, this girl is all business, and has the drive to succeed. I wonder if Brett Michaels will make a guest appearance?  What’s next Playboy? I think they should do a Rock of Love photo shoot for Playboy.

You can catch Daisy on the Fox Reality Awards on September 24th. Stay tuned. (photo Michael Vincent)


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Jacy Nova

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