Oh my gosh, this just makes me so sad. I’m happy that Travis Barker and DJ AM (Adam Goldstein) are alive, but it is reported they ARE severely burned. For Travis Barker, it’s from the waist down, and for DJ AM it is reported he is severely burned on his neck and arms.

Sadly, Travis Barkers’ best friend and assistant Chris Baker, died in the plane crash as well. It was reported Chris was married and had a two year old child. 🙁

Hollyscoop reports:

In the latest update from TMZ, Travis Barker has been burned from the waist down, and DJ AM’s face has been severely burned. They are both being treated right now. They are the only two passengers who survived. DJ AM and Travis Barker reportedly survived the crash by jumping out of the door of the burning jet.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family.

UPDATE 10/7/08: Chris Baker’s funeral was held last week. Adam Goldstein (DJ AM) attended the memorial service and Travis Barker was unable to attend. It’s expected that Travis Barker will spend several more weeks in the hospital receiving treatment for his burns. Famous Stars and Straps has set up a memorial fund for the families of Chris Baker and Chris Still.

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