RUSSELL BRAND – Did Americans Love the Reformed Sex Addict Host of the VMA Awards?

Yes, the fun loving, sex addicted comedian, was a huge hit for the MTV VMA Awards. The ratings are up this year by 15%. Personally, I thought he was hilarious on “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.”

According to news reports, he ruffled a few feathers on his brash humor. But the numbers don’t lie and ratings are WAY UP! America loves controversy, guns, and Sarah Palin the pitbull with lipstick.

According to UK news:

Russell Brand is not exactly unacquainted with controversy, but even he must have been slightly taken aback by the publicity surrounding his hosting of the MTV Video Music Awards, where many of his jokes – he urged people to vote for Obama, and referred to George Bush as “that retarded cowboy fellow” – seemed to dismay a portion of the audience and upset a lot of people who possess both a broadband connection and a surfeit of free time.

“I think this was one of the worst VMA hosts ever!!!” said one commenter on MTV’s website. “I didn’t like him at all ….. he was stupid and disrespectful!!!!” A lot of the ire focused not on the politics, but on Brand’s snide remarks about the Jonas Brothers, an eerily popular Disney-sponsored pop trio who all wear chastity rings, or the fact that he interrupted some actor from a series called Twilight. And some of it was what might be termed non-specific criticism – “WHAT A LOSER, GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY WHERE YOU’RE FAMOUS.”

Awww, what a bunch of cry babies. So what if he’s politically incorrect, he’s effin funny. He even found a new fan with Courtney Love, who defended him on her blog. She must want to shag him or something. You can check out photos from the VMA’s at

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