DATE MY EX – Exclusive, Lucas James Says Relationship With Jo De La Rosa is OVER!

jo de la rosaOk, on Lucas James’s official website, it states he’s an Actor, Model, and TV Host. Which means, was Date My Ex staged? I watched the entire series, and Slade seemed genuinely jealous, or he’s an amazing actor. Move over Tom Cruise, Slade Smiley is in the house.

What happened to the guy is a Business Development Manager? I guess it sounds more “dangerous” than hey I’m another actor, model, etc. looking for love and an agent in all the wrong places. YAWN!

Also, the big revelation is HE IS NOT DATING Jo De La Rosa. Which means the show was a total fake, or it was very very short lived romance.

From his official site:

Date My Ex: Jo & Slade – Last night was the final episode, and if you didn’t watch it, Jo De La Rosa picked me. Thank you for the positive feedback from everyone and thanks for watching this show. It was truly an incredible experience.

Ladies, I’m not giving out Chris’s phone number or his address, but you can contact Chris at .

Currently, Jo De La Rosa and myself are not dating, and we didn’t go to Hawaii. I respect Slade Smiley, but I don’t like his scarfs, and no I don’t have an album coming out this winter called “Scripted”!

LOL! This guy is hilarious. I think Jo and Slade are totally back together, and her dating show was a complete publicity stunt. Oh well, it made good TV, and hell Jo and Slade are good actors.

According to his official website:

Lucas James starts intense dieting and training for Model Universe – California, competing in Sports Modeling category on October 4th in Hermosa Beach, CA. Visit Lucas’s blog to track his workouts and diet.

I live about 2 miles from Hermosa Beach, so maybe I will check him out. 🙂

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  1. I Love Jo and Slade TOGETHER !! they are the perfect couple.
    Lucas was not really a good candidate for Jo. I wish her luck with her singing career. Love her music.

  2. So, tell us how you really feel? Just kidding. I thought the show was so bad it was actually good. A poor man’s version of the Bachelorette.

  3. First of all I think that show sucked! They are all such losers! Jo sucks, Slade sucks! Jo’s voice sucks. Holy publicity bullcrap to promote her crappy music! Holy wannabe! Slade seriously needs some fashion sense. What is with the girly scarves? He is too old to be dressing the way he does. That whole show was just a scripted piece of crap. Lucas can do a lot better than her. How old is she? She looks like an old hag.

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