OBAMA GIRL – Amber Lee Ettinger Makes Her Democratic Convention Debut!

Fame, fortune, and politics are the name of the game this week. The Democratic convention is in full swing and politicians  obamagirl.jpg are not the only “celebs” competing for air time. Obama Girl who first rocketed to fame on You Tube, is vying to extend her 15 minutes of fame as well.

Last year Ettinger, a former New York City fashion school student, gyrated her way across the Web lip-syncing “I Got a Crush … On Obama,” which heaped praise on the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee. It also had tongue-in-cheek lyrics such as “you’re into border security/let’s break this border between you and me.”

Associated Press reporters and editors will answer question from Yahoo! News users.

Question: Is Obamagirl attending the convention?

Yes. “Obamagirl” Amber Lee Ettinger, who shot to fame when her “I Got A Crush On Obama” clip was seen more than 7 million times on the Internet, is headlining a private party on Monday night, where she will perform her song live with the band of Danny Ross, a staffer of Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y. She will then be attending other parties and will be inside the Pepsi Center and Invesco Field for the convention and Obama’s acceptance speech, spokesman Ben Relles said.

I wonder what Michelle thinks of Obama Girl? I imagine she has a sense of humor about it. I think most women might have a “crush” on Obama, he’s smokin hot!

Amber is set to release an album, “Queen of the Web,” which her label Silver Curve Records said will drop in November – the month of the presidential election.

Note: I received my first snotty comment. I guess I ruffled some feathers with Obama Girl’s fans. See comment below. To the Obama Girl fan, I think Amber is a clever girl and has a great marketing hook. How that translates into the real music world is yet to be seen.

Your question about me personally, I’m having fun writing a blog about celebs and astrology. No grand delusions here, but I do have Sun conjunct Uranus and Pluto. Also, I have 60,000 readers per month and a book out next year. Either way, girl power all the way. Any publicity is good publicity. Work it girl.

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  1. Since her video debuted over a year ago and she’s still being written about, I’d say it was better than 15 minutes of fame. Today is the first I’ve ever heard of ASTROCHICKS, May I presume you’ve been around longer?

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