THE BACHELOR – Andy Baldwin Visits Seattle With New Girlfriend!

Damn is  he a busy guy, our beloved Andy Baldwin is a PLAYA! He was recently spotted in Seattle, Washington visiting the baldwin.jpg local University for the Navy. While he was there, he was photographed with a very cute and slender brunette. Was it Tessa? Or just an old photo of the couple together? Who knows? He’s been linked to several women in the last few months.

The local newspaper reports: 

On the last day of July, a star of The Bachelor‘s tenth season visited the campus of the University of Washington, but he wasn’t looking for love, after the failure of his relationship with Tessa Horst toward the end of the summer of 2007.

Instead, U.S. Lt. Andy Baldwin of The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman is there as part of a tour of the country’s universities to advocate the U.S. Navy scholarship program.  Baldwin is an undersea medical officer, Navy diver, and an Ironman triathlete. 

According to gossip reports, Tessa broke up with him. I wonder why? Personally, I think he was one of the cutest bachelors they ever had. Baldwin now lives in Washington, D.C., where he’s working as a Navy medicine advocate at the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery. As for himself, he hasn’t given up hope of marrying and having children of his own — some day.

He was quoted as saying: 

“It’s not something you can force; it just happens,” he said. “My brother says it will hit you when you least expect it, and you’ll know.”

Aaah, we hope he finds someone special. Don’t forget to read your daily horoscopes.

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