LIL KIM – Woman Murdered at Party by Club Employee!

Sometimes life gets weirder and weirder. An update from my earlier report this week. A party goer Ingrid Rivera, was   lil-kim.jpg found dead at Lil Kim’s birthday party. Thank God they have found the killer and he has confessed.

Here’s the news report: (so sad)

According to police, Rivera was a Lil Kim fan who arrived at Spotlight Live in Times Square at about 9:30 p.m., toting a bouquet of flowers for the artist and hoping to get a face-to-face meeting.

Syed Rahman, 24, admitted to bashing Ingrid Rivera, who had paid for entry to Kim’s party, over the head with a pipe early Monday morning, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said at a news conference Thursday. Her body wasn’t found until Wednesday afternoon.

A friend of the victim who had been with her that night told police that she had fought off Rahman’s advances that night. They both had chatted with the suspect at the bar earlier in the evening.

The witness said that Rivera, who worked as a customer-service agent at JFK International Airport, was at one point kicked out of the club for accidentally going into the men’s room and that Rahman lured her up to the roof by telling her he had a way to sneak her back in. He also tried to get the friend to go, but she refused.

At approximately 2:45 a.m., he killed Rivera in a utility shed atop the Spotlight Live and left the venue about 15 minute later, police said. Authorities went looking for her after her mother reported her missing.

I have chills, so creepy, and so sad. Girls be careful when you go out at night. Prayer’s go out to the family

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