BREAKING NEWS! – Earthquake Hits Hollywood and Downtown Los Angeles, Phone Lines Dead Throughout City!

Hi everyone. I live in LA and we just had an earthquake that was 5.8 on the richter scale. My house shook like crazy and now the phone lines are dead in various parts of the city. (including mine) I have resorted to posting messages on friends and families MySpace pages to let them know I’m alright.

When the earthquake hit, I was getting ready to hit the highway. My boyfriend and I ran outside with our dogs waiting for it to pass. My poor little Scion was rocking back and forth during the quake.

According to news reports, the earthquake was located in Chino Hills but areas of downtown LA and Hollywood seemed to be hardest hit. No word of damage, accidents, etc. They do have us on stand by for after shocks. What’s really weird is we have no landline connections, no cell, but we have internet. (Warner Cable) I can hear sirens in my neighborhood right nwo and they’re sending out fire trucks to check for bridge or road damage.

Just updated on the news:

The tremor was felt across Los Angeles, with the office block housing AFP’s bureau on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood swaying and shuddering after the quake.

Reuters reports:

The earthquake, which was measured at magnitude 5.8, was centered about 30 miles (48 km) east of Los Angeles near the community of Chino Hills, where it was felt strongly.

Witnesses reported feeling the shaking strongly in neighboring Orange County and as far south as San Diego. The Los Angeles Fire Department said there were no injuries reported.

In downtown Los Angeles, tall buildings swayed from side to side for a few seconds and workers poured into the streets.

Los Angeles city officials evacuated City Hall.

I will keep you posted on the updates.

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